Electrical Certificates of Compliance

Electrical Certificate of Compliance  

Now a necessity for your safety and others

It is common knowledge the a home owner requires a certificate of compliance in respect of electrical installation at there residence or business property.  

Patron Electrical provides certification for new installations, alterations or additions

Electrical Installation Certificates or more commonly know as COC’s (Certificate of Compliance provide you, as the person responsible for the safety of an electrical installation, with a declaration that the new installation, or alteration or addition, is safe to use at the time it was put into service.

Know the Difference:

  • New - where the whole installation has been installed as new, if a complete rewire has been carried out, or where a consumer unit (fusebox) has been replaced.
  • Addition - applies if an existing installation has been modified by adding one or more new circuits.
  • Alteration - applies where one or more existing circuits have been modified or extended (for example to add a socket), or items such as a consumer unit (fusebox) and switching equipment have been replaced.

We provide COC’s for all of the above scenario’s, from residential properties to industrial and commercial.  All inspections, evaluations and subsequent work carried out to bring a site to standard is performed by a Master Wireman, registered and certified to carry out and approve electrical installations and overall premises.  Thus ensuring you meet the legislative standards set out by the ECA.

Do I need certification?

If the design of the installation was finalised after 1992 then it is incumbent on you have a Certificate of Compliance. If the installation predates this, then a Certificate of Compliance must be obtained if the property gets sold, or if any amendments or alterations to the installation are effected.  In addition, this applies not only to households but also to factories as a whole and any new/old machinery on the premises. 

The Cost involved?

This varies greatly depending on the size of the installation or pre-existing installation, the complexity of the installation and of course the necessities to effect repair work in order to make the installation compliant.


The Certificate remains valid for two years so long as no additions or alterations have been made. If additions or alterations have been made, a certificate must be obtained, either for the additions or alterations, or for the installation as a whole. 

Patron Electrical is a member of the Electrical Contractors Association of South Africa (established in 1950) which provides legal and technical advice regarding these certificates, both to its 2500 contractor members thus ensuring they are compliant and competent to issue such certificates.


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